Chiral Towers

SCI-Arc MS Architectural Technologies
Object Animation Seminar
Spring 2015
w/ Sen Dai, Mary Franck,
Tenveer Harun, Stefan Svedberg


“Chiral Towers” is the final outcome of two-part film and animation-based seminar.

The first film, A Tale of Three Towers, explores the reciprocity between digitally generated animations in Maya and physically filmed real objects with the aid of robot arm-controlled cameras. Advanced rotoscoping techniques are applied to overlay physical objects into digital environments.

The second film, Chiral Towers, relies on the new-found robot arm-aided filming skills obtained from the first exercise to expand on compositions possibilities. A series of dual and triple-channel mirroring sequences are developed using high precision robot arm-controlled cameras.

Made with Robot Arm Camera, After Effects, Maya, and Rhino.

Program:     SCI-Arc M.S. Architectural
Course:        Object Animation, Spring 2015
Tutor:           Devyn Weiser
Research:   Robot Lab, Robot Arm Camera,
                      Video Post-Processing
                      Speculative Design, Object Ontology,
                      Digital Fabrication

1. Final film composition: Chiral Towers
2. Chiral Towers film posters
3. Dual / Trilple-Channel chiral compositions
4. Robot arm-contolled shooting (1x speed)
5. Midterm film composition: A Tale of Three Towers