Hoax Assemblies

SCI-Arc MS Architectural Technologies
Spina & Rehm Final Studio
Spring 2015
w/ Rishabh Khurana


“Hoax Assemblies“ speculates about the generative role of the image in the creation of objects. It acknowledges potential qualities inherent to images, both perceived or withdrawn, coexisting in an unresolved tension within a framework of a speculative reality. An image of an object having actual object qualities or being an object in itself is a matter addressed in the project, by exploring the potential of image processing techniques when confronted with real geometric generative processes.

A series of rendering iterations of monolithic object assemblies are utilized to inform the project, producing a representational paradox in which both image and object coexist physically but in tension, resulting in a recursively eroding process and an even more indeterminate mass. Deliberately altered assembly conditions, through representation, drive predefined parts of the processed images to behave as entropic entities, hence portraying intricate misreadings and conforming new vague wholes.

Made with Rhino, Processing, and Grasshopper.

Program:     SCI-Arc M.S. Architectural
Course:        Final Studio, Spring 2015
Tutors:         Marcelo Spina & Casey Rehm
Research:   Speculative Design, Object Oriented
                      Ontology, Representation,
                      Digital Fabrication

Videos / Images:
1. Generative illegibility script  running on model elevations.
2. Speculative design technique animation for image/object transcripts.
3. Speculative design technique animation for assemblies transcripts.
4. 3d printed + CNC milled assemled model photo.

Project Boards:
1. Basic Blocks Assemblage Pattern
2. Monolithic Assemblies Translation
3. Monolithic Assemblies Rendering Iterations
4. Image / Object Transcripts
5. Assemblies Transcripts
6. Assemblies Breakdown though Oblique Representation
7. Resulting Final Assembly