PCII Teaching Research

Computational Thinking II
Spring 2021
Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Taught w/ Daniela Atencio & Alejandro Alcalá


“Pensamiento Computacional II” -i.e., Computational Thinking II- investigates on time-based processes of manipulation and representation to augment material form. It comprises a series of techniques and methods to vindicate digital tools instrumentality in materially intelligent design processes.

“Augmented Simulations” speculates on latent material intelligences of hyper-discretized procedurally generated assemblies by further manipulating and augmenting them through C# scripted behaviors and Alembic animator controllers to be deployed as iOS AR apps.

“Phygital Simulations” operates within digital notation/fabrication hybrids. Virtual joinery of procedurally accessible hyper-ornamented tectonic and landscape assemblies is studied through hyper-realistic representation of feasible digital fabrication.

“Synthetic Simulations” investigates on time/duration-based design strategies for form finding. Alienating influence of gravity, wind, and force fields using Maya physics and real-time representation.

“Generative Simulations” encompasses multi-agent behaviors on SubD topologies, and real-time dynamic representation. Python-based behavioral simulations are studied on the basis of Superabundance, including, Swarming, Noise, Attraction/Repulsion, Stigmergy, and others.

Made with Unity, Houdini, Maya, Rhino 7 and Grasshopper.

Developed Videos for Course Syllabus:
1. Procedure_004  Augmented Simulations
2. Procedure_003  Phygital Simulations
3. Procedure_002 Synthetic Simulations
4. Procedure_001 Generative Simulations